LA MER Agate Cup Mat

LA MER is a high-end skincare brand that focuses on marine ingredients, and its products are known for their marine ingredients and precious minerals, which are deeply loved by consumers. In order to provide feedback on consumer preferences, LA MER decided to customize some promotional products as gifts, so they found Top Jewelry.

In order to align with the brand philosophy, Top Jewelry has decided to launch custom agate cup mat to showcase a luxurious and elegant atmosphere.


  1. Marine elements: LAMER’s products are mainly made from marine ingredients. Agate coasters can be designed in a sea blue color scheme, or marine elements such as seaweed can be added to the material to showcase the brand’s unique marine charm.


  1. High end Customization: LA MER Blue Mystery is a high-end skincare brand. Customized agate cup mat can be made of high-quality agate material and incorporate brand logos and other elements to create unique customized products that align with the brand’s high-end positioning.

Based on the above two points, this agate cup mat was finally designed. Once the product was produced, its samples were favored by the LA MER responsible person, so we successfully reached a cooperation with top Jewelry. Top Jewelry has also submitted bulk orders with the fastest speed and best quality, and has received praise from a large number of consumers.

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LA MER Agate Cup Mat