Anna Sui Guitar Keychain

Anna Sui’s products have a strong allure, whether it’s clothing, accessories, or makeup, they give off an eye-catching, almost enchanting color shock. The fashion industry calls her the ‘Magician of New York.’ In today’s trend of minimalism, Anna Sui goes against the current, designing with rich vintage colors and a luxurious atmosphere. Bold and slightly rebellious, embroidery, lace, rhinestones, beads, fur, and all other glamorous decorations are incorporated into her designs, creating her unique style with a witch-like mesmerizing magic.

Top Jewelry is a supplier for this fashion brand, and below we will showcase this keychain for you, demonstrating our customer’s requirements, design, color selection, packaging, and more.

The customer wants to make a keychain for the guitar

Our design draft for the client

We offer a variety of electroplating colors for customers to choose from

The keychain is packed into a small black box

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Anna Sui Guitar Keychain